Group wiki page creation

A new Group wiki page is created by clicking Add child page in your group's wiki. A wiki is a generic term for a page that is editable collaboratively. You can use a Group wiki page for meeting notes, reports, proposals, or anything your groups wants to document and work on. Here are the steps for creating a new group wiki page and some things to keep in mind while doing so.

  1. Start at your group home page
  2. Click the link to Group wiki
  3. The Group wiki has a hierarchical structure. The main group wiki page is the top-most level. From here you can make pages below it by clicking Add child page. These child pages can also have their own child pages as well, creating many layers of information.
  4. After clicking Add child page, enter a title.
  5. Enter your text/images in the Body. Paste in text using the "Paste as Plain Text" button on the toolbar.
  6. Choose your audience in the Groups field. If you want the post to be visible to the WORLD the Public box can be checked. If you only want your fellow group members to be able to see leave it unchecked.
  7. The Book outline doesn't need any attention right now, if you need to move the page to another group wiki you can do that here. You can reorder the pages in the group wiki by changing their "weight". The smaller the number the higher the page will be listed in the outline.
  8. If you leave a note in the Revision Information box it will be displayed in the Revision history, accessible by clicking the Revisions tab at the top of the page after you Save it. I suggest you create a new revision each time you make a change to a page.
  9. You can attach a file here under File Attachments. A link to that file will be displayed to visitors of the page.
  10. Click Save. This is the only way to save your work, so just like in a word processing application saving often is important.