About the PBG Community of Practice

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PBGworks is the home of the Plant Breeding and Genomics Community of Practice (PBG CoP) with eXtension. To learn more about eXtension and find the public content from our CoP visit https://plant-breeding-genomics.extension.org/

Members of PBGworks and the Plant Breeding and Genomics Community of Practice work to bring information derived from Coordinated Agricultural Projects to their Community of Interest and stakeholders through the eXtension.org resources.

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Members of PBG can perform the following duties:

  • Develop content in the form of articles, images, videos, online trainings, and more
  • Be a reviewer for content
  • Serve as a responder for eXtension's Ask an Expert system.
  • Become a group leader to help guide the development of content
  • Serve on PBG-CoP committees
  • Form a Project or Lab Group and use PBGworks to manage those efforts through the use of the provided group tools (wikis, blogs, forums).

PBGworks is organized around groups, in which all work takes place. Even as a member of PBG CoP, most groups require approval to join, so please be patient until your membership is accepted.

We are at this time in a development phase of our growth with a core set of members representing coordinated agricultural projects in plant translational genomics funded by the USDA. We expect to be opening the CoP to a larger membership group soon.

If you require an account since you are working with a PBGworks group register for an account.

A majority of PBG's funding comes from the United States Department of Agriculture's National Institute of Food and Agriculture