So you want to join PBGworks as a CAP group? Here's what you can do

How can new Plant Translational Genomics CAPs get involved in eXtension?

SolCAP has developed PBGworks as a collaborative workspace developed using the open source Drupal community plumbing software. This online workspace is designed to facilitate group and cross-group collaboration and content development, as well as publication of content to PBGworks is an alternative to the eXtension wiki for content development. We believe that PBGworks offers a lower activation energy to participation in our community; in addition it provides group management and communication tools not provided by eXtension. Below is a quick guide for new Plant Translational Genomics CAPs that may want to join the SolCAP effort and help us expand the Plant Breeding and Genomics Community of Practice with eXtension.

In planning your proposal you should:

1) Establish eXtension IDs at

2) Define your intended audience. In the language of eXtension this is your Community of Interest (CoI).

3) Agree in principle to joining the Plant Breeding and Genomics Community of Practice. Click here for a link to the Community of Practice Handbook.

4) If your group is interested, create a PBGworks workspace for your CAP and use that space to manage your CAP, communicate with your members, and develop and maintain your CAP's public website. Request PBGworks logins for your group members here.

5) Each CAP should provide leadership to an Outreach Group or groups. PBGworks currently has three outreach content development groups: Breeders Toolbox, Professional Outreach, and Public Outreach. Each of these groups can be expanded by creating sub-groups. Identifying your CoI will help you to determine which groups or sub-groups your group members want to be involved in or take leadership for. 

6) Each new CAP joining PBGworks should designate and budget for a person or persons that 1) provides group content development vision/leadership and 2) coordinates content development, formatting, editing, and review.

7) Designate one member of your CAP to serve on the PBGworks technical committee and another to serve on the PBG content committee. The technical committee will provide vision for and input on the uses and functionality of the workspace; the content committee will provide vision for and coordination of cross-CAP content development.