Getting your Group Going

puzzleIt can be difficult to get a group to work together using PBGworks or any other online group environment (groupware). The key to success is making sure that everyone is on board with the concept either at the start or shortly thereafter, and to provide them with ways of getting involved. If you think about it, your group can act as a virtual office space. Here you will be able to share all kinds of things with each other (files, photos, ideas, etc.) and have a single place to keep track of what needs to be and what has been done for anyone to access 24/7.

Some ideas for getting your group to participate:

  • Once everyone's account is set up, add a forum post to the group welcoming them. Click "+ Add forum post" on your group home page.
  • In your wiki, create some initial pages like Group Meetings, Archive, Timeline, etc. You can then add more pages under each of those like when you have a meeting agenda to post and this will keep your wiki nice and tidy. (Not sure what a wiki is? See this.)
  • Create a forum post or wiki page monthly that can act as a group "newsletter". This way everyone will stay up to date on what is happening with your project.
  • Be a good model. By using the website yourself you will learn its ins and outs (many!) and be in a better position to help your group members.
  • Need more ideas? Contact John and he can help you come up with some.