Inviting New Members to Your Group

Instructions for Group Leaders

Step 1: Have new members register at PBGworks.  

People who are not currently PBGworks members must create an account ( and be approved by Shawn Yarnes before they can be added to your group. Group leaders should alert Shawn when new PBG members are invited. She manually approves new PBG user requests.  Once she approves their request, new PBGworks users will receive a confirmation email.

Step 2: Add PBGworks members to your group

Any PBGworks member can request admission to your group from   When people click the "request membership" link, you will receive an email to approve them or not. You can follow the links in that email to view their Profile page and verify who they are. If you have any doubts, please forward the email to the PBGworks site admin to check out. As a group leader you can also add PBGworks users manually from your group home page, click on Members, and then at the top click on the Add Members tab. You must enter their username to add them to your group. You can find their user name by visiting the Member page.

Sample Instructions to Share with New PBGworks Users

  1. Please join me on PBGworks by first creating your account:
  2. When your PBGworks membership is approved you will receive a confirmation email.
  3. Once your membership is approved, please go to and click Request Membership next to insert name group.
  4. Take a moment and finish completing your user profile by clicking My Account when logged in.
  5. Visit the insert name group home page at insert URL to find our group wiki, member list, and more.
  6. Learn more about using PBGworks by visiting