Approving Membership Requests

As a group administrator you can manage who is in your group and who can join your group. Membership to any group on PBGworks first requires a member account to the collaborative website. A member account is only approved by overall PBGworks adminstrators. After becoming a PBGworks member a person can then join one or more groups.

The process of membership approval to groups differs according the type of group.

  • Administrative - requires approval
  • CAP committee group - requires approval
  • CAP group - requires approval
  • Lab group - by invitation only
  • Project group  - requires approval

Requires Approval

Once a member of PBGworks has indicated they want to join a group, an email is sent to the administrators/manager of that group. From that email you can check out who the person is by clicking on the link provided and then navigating to their My Account page by clicking on their username. If you approve, go back to the list of members and click Approve.

Invitation Only

If you want to add a member to an invitation only group you first need to have the members exact user name. Take that user name end enter it in the field in the "Add members" tab of the member list of any group. Find the member list by clicking Members on the group home page.