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Invitation to Workshop at PAG & UC Davis Short Course Announcement

Plant Breeding and Genomics Continuing Education Workshop at PAG

International Plant & Animal Genome XXI Conference, San Diego, CA, USA
Date: Monday, January 14, 2013
Time: 5-7pm
Location: Garden Salon 2 (above Charlies restaurant)

The Plant Breeding and Genomics (PBG) Community of Practice on will highlight the need, both locally and globally, for technical continuing education in the field of genomic assisted crop improvement. The growth of publically available sequence data for numerous crop species, and increasing power of open access computational tools, has opened up new strategies for crop improvement for all plant breeders. Inquiry-based learning, through self-paced, how-to, educational modules is proving to be a successful way to connect breeding professionals to emerging technologies. This session will provide an introduction to the PBG community, its resources, and strategies to integrate and expand the community.


UC Davis Short-Course Announcement: 
Program Management for Plant Breeders

Date:February 19-21, 2013
Location: Univeristy of California Davis
Early-bird Registration: Until January 21, 2013
More Information:

This course is designed to enhance management skills of plant breeders and technical leads. Professionals directing these programs in agricultural research, in agribusiness development and those from the public sector will benefit from attending this course

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Plant Breeding and Genomics Partnerships

Partnering with Plant Breeding & Genomics

Plant Breeding and Genomics (PBG) is a multi-institutional group of researchers and IT professionals supporting science-based outreach efforts at PBG and their partners work together to create, edit, peer review and publish outreach material to eXtension, the on-line publishing arm of Cooperative Extension. PBG offers outreach and education efforts aimed at plant breeders, seed industry professionals, and students. Publishing to eXtension represents a defined objective for inclusion in AFRI competitive grants.

PBG is home to a variety of high quality outreach materials, including: breeding and genomics tutorials and webinars, crop-specific breeding information, and grower-specific information. PBG offers an established network for outreach and education. Since the launch of our webinar series in September 2011, PBG content has been visited 250 thousand times; with 1035 people from 56 countries and hundreds of organizations registered to receive the PBG newsletter.

PBG is committed to free sharing of ideas, techniques, and computational tools for the advancement of science, agriculture, and global food security. We are looking for partners who share our commitment to excellence in science outreach. If you are interested in including PBG in upcoming proposals you will want to get a PBG letter of support. Please contact Shawn Yarnes ( or David Francis ( for further information.


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Crop Improvement for Human Nutrition Symposium at Michigan State University

 Register now to join the Plant Breeding and Genomics Community of Practice for a live two-part web broadcast of :

Michigan State University’s Crop Improvement for Human Nutrition Symposium

Date: Friday, December 14, 2012

The main purpose of agricultural production is to efficiently grow food so we can lead healthy, productive and prosperous lives. Historically, plant breeding's main goal has been increasing yield. However, in the last decades questions have been raised about how much interest should be placed on the importance of food factors associated with human health that are commonly found in deficient levels among populations. In this symposium, we discuss the recent advances of plant breeding for human nutrition and their implications for consumers.

Webinar 1: Morning Session

9:15 am – 10:15 ET
Richard Sayre Los Alamos National Laboratory
Cassava for Africa

10:45-11:45 am ET
Dilrukshi Thavarajah
North Dakota State University:
Pulse Biofortification: Linking Food Systems for Better Human Heath

Register for morning session now at:

Webinar 2: Afternoon Session

1:30-2:30 pm ET
Torbert Rocheford
Purdue University
Genetic, Genomic, and Human Visual Analyses and Selection Approaches for Orange, High Provitamin A Maize Grain for Africa

2:30-3:30 pm ET
Irwin Goldman
University of Wisconsin
Take Two Onions and Call Me in the Morning: Possibilities and Pitfalls in Breeding for Health-Related Traits

Register for afternoon session now at:



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PGB’s New Content Coordinator and Links to New Webinar Recordings

Plant Breeding and Genomics Community of Practice is pleased to announce our new content coordinator, Shawn Yarnes.

Shawn joins the project via Ohio State University from her home base, UC Davis, where she recently completed post-doctoral work with Allen VanDeynze. She has a background in QTL discovery and disease resistance breeding in a variety of crop and tree species.  Feel free to contact her with any questions you may have about PBG content at

Watch the Latest Plant Breeding and Genomics Webinar Recordings

SolCAP Workshop at PAA 2012 Webinar

This webinar is a selected portion of a live broadcast of the SolCAP workshop at the 96th Annual Potato Association of America Meeting in Denver, Colordo.

Breeding In a Genomics Era: State of the Art and New Opportunities – Live from ASHS 2012

This webinar is a selected portion of a live broadcast of a colloquim featuring SolCAP project members at the 2012 American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS) conference in Miami, Florida.

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New Webinar: Live from PAA 2012 the SolCAP Workshop

Join the Plant Breeding and Genomics Community of Practice for a live broadcast from the Potato Association of America Conference in Denver, Colorado.

Title: SolCAP Workshop Live from PAA 2012

Day: August 12, 2012

Time: 3pm to 7pm Eastern Time (-500 GMT), 2pm to 6pm Central Time, 1pm to 5pm Mountain Time, 12pm to 4pm Pacific Time



A Century of Potato Breeding: Improvement, Diversification, and Diversity. Candace Hirsch.

Seeking and Verifying Candidate Genes on the Infinium 8303 Potato SNP Array. Richard Veilleux.

SNP Mapping and QTL Analysis in a Tetraploid Mapping Population. David Douches.

A Case Study: What to Do When Your SNP Data Set Arrives. Sarah Braun.

A New User's Experience with TetraploidMap and SolCAP SNPs for QTL Analysis in Potato. Jaebun Park.

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New Webinar: Live from ASHS 2012 - Breeding for a Genomics Era

Please join the Plant Breeding and Genomics Community of Practice for a special event, live from the ASHS 2012 conference in Miami, Florida.

Title: Breeding In a Genomics Era: State of the Art and New Opportunities - Live from ASHS 2012

Day: Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Time: 2pm to 6pm Eastern Time (-500 GMT)




Mapping Economically Important Traits In Tetraploid Potato Using Genome-Wide SNPs. David Douches.

The Population Genetics of Human Selection During 100 Years of Tomato Breeding: Implications to Gain Under Selection. David Francis.

Successful DNA-Informed Breeding for Tree Fruit: The Rosbreed Experience. Cameron P. Peace.

Leveraging the Cacao Genome for the Identification of Genes Regulating Important Agronomic Traits. J.C. Motamayor.

Experience with Genome Wide Selection In Maize. Rex Bernardo.

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Watch Plant Breeding and Genomics Webinar Recordings!

Full-length and bite-sized recordings are now available from recent PBG webinars

UC Davis Professional Courses: Seed Business 101- Field Crops & UC Davis Plant Breeding Academy

Seed Business 101 Field Crops

Attracting and retaining talented new employees is a critical challenge for the seed industry. The Seed Business 101SM course was created with input from industry executives to accelerate the careers of promising new employees and young managers. The course has been attended by more than 100 people since its launch in fall of 2010. The course also offers invaluable insights and perspective to seed dealers and companies offering products and services to the seed industry, including seed treatments, crop protection, seed enhancement and technology, machinery and equipment, etc. Seed Business 101 is one week course designed to expose the participants to the five functional areas of a seed company (R&D, production, operations, sales and marketing; and administration). By creating a virtual seed company and case studies for each functional area, the course content is delivered in a very interactive way. The course gives employees that are new to the seed industry a broad understanding of the major aspects of a seed company’s operations and cross-departmental knowledge of best practices for profitability. The course is taught by widely respected industry executives with additional help of industry experts participating as guest speakers. Registrations are now being accepted for the Seed Business 101SM Field Crops, June 11-15, 2012, in Minneapolis. Register before April 16th, 2012 to take advantage of the early registration discount. For course details, testimonials and registration please visit SB 101 or contact Jeannette Martins at

UC Davis Plant Breeding Academy- a Premium Professional Certificate Program for Plant Breeders. Class IV starts in September 2012

The UC Davis Plant Breeding Academy is a premium professional certificate program that covers the fundamentals and the most recent developments in plant breeding theory and practice. Employers appreciate the opportunity to provide their valued employees advanced training without disrupting their full-time employment. Participants attend six 6-day sessions. The instructors are internationally recognized experts in plant breeding and seed technology. The upcoming PBA class IV starts in September 2012. Adding Rita Mumm, the Director or Illinois Plant Breeding Center, as a core lecturer; and partnering with software developers (Dr. Tomerius, Phenome-Networks) will strengthen the delivery of our program.The course will maintaining the core curriculum delivered in the previous three classes and add modules to address the most recent development in plant breeding theory and practice, including an expanded section on molecular marker use, genome selection, non-replicated designs and GxE, using marker and pedigrees for prediction of breeding value, etc.

Applications are now being accepted for the Class IV. We can extend our early bird discount is available for registrations before April 30th, 2012. Visit for more information and registration.

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Tomato Breeders Roundtable (TBRT) - February 6-8 2013 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The Tomato Breeder’s Roundtable started as an informal meeting of tomato breeders in 1955. Over the past five decades the TBRT has become an important meeting for the international tomato research and breeding community. The informal characteristics of the TBRT which has been preserved over five decades, offers a great forum for participants to discuss the latest developments in tomato breeding and associated technology.

For more information see:

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New Learning Modules Available

PBG is pleased to announce publication of two new learning modules

The 15 part series of forest tree breeding learning modules can be accessed from:

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