New Webinar: Live from ASHS 2012 - Breeding for a Genomics Era

Please join the Plant Breeding and Genomics Community of Practice for a special event, live from the ASHS 2012 conference in Miami, Florida.

Title: Breeding In a Genomics Era: State of the Art and New Opportunities - Live from ASHS 2012

Day: Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Time: 2pm to 6pm Eastern Time (-500 GMT)




Mapping Economically Important Traits In Tetraploid Potato Using Genome-Wide SNPs. David Douches.

The Population Genetics of Human Selection During 100 Years of Tomato Breeding: Implications to Gain Under Selection. David Francis.

Successful DNA-Informed Breeding for Tree Fruit: The Rosbreed Experience. Cameron P. Peace.

Leveraging the Cacao Genome for the Identification of Genes Regulating Important Agronomic Traits. J.C. Motamayor.

Experience with Genome Wide Selection In Maize. Rex Bernardo.

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