October 20th: Webinar on Breeding Organic Dry Peas and Lentils for Plant-based Protein Production
Request for Proposals and Invitation to Participate in the Organic Seed Growers Conference
Webinar reminder: Progress in Organic Naked Barley Breeding on April 14
April 14th Webinar: Progress on Organic Naked Barley Breeding
Webinar on Breeding Biofortified Field Pea and Sorghum for Organic Plant-based Proteins
Breeding Multi-Use Barley for Organic Systems Webinar December 18
Reminder: Second Webinar on Barcode Based Digital Data Collection is tomorrow, September 7
National Association of Plant Breeders and Plant Breeding Coordinating Committee Annual Meeting
Reminder: NAPB Webinar Series Starts on Wednesday April 1, 2015
2015 NAPB Webinar Series
Reminder: Webinar Tomorrow on Pepper Breeding
Reminder: Webinar Tomorrow on Dry Bean Breeding
2014 Plant Breeding Symposium: Global Food Security
Upcoming Webinar - Identifying Soil Borne Diseases with Morphological and Molecular Techniques
Four Plant Genomic Conferences in Vienna this February
Plant Breeding for Drought Tolerance: Short Course June 2-13, 2014
Breeding with Genomics Course at UC Davis February 11, 2014
December 2013
Reminder: Lattice Designs Webinar This Week
November 2013
Plant Breeding and Genomics News, 25 September 2013
Plant Breeding and Genomics News: Special Edition Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture , 22 August 2013
Plant Breeding and Genomics News
Upcoming Thursday Webinar Rescheduled
Plant Breeding and Genomics Newsletter, June 28, 2013
Upcoming Webinar: Selective Sequencing Through Combinatorial Pooling
International Plant Breeding Congress Announcement and Webinar Reminder with Time Zone
Upcoming Webinar and Course Announcement
New Conifer Genomics Modules: Landscape Genomics and Reference Genome Sequencing
Biofortification of Cassava for Africa Presentation and Training Opportunities at UC Davis
Jewels in the Genome Update and Upcoming PAG Workshop
Invitation to Workshop at PAG & UC Davis Short Course Announcement
Plant Breeding and Genomics Partnerships
Crop Improvement for Human Nutrition Symposium at Michigan State University
PGB’s New Content Coordinator and Links to New Webinar Recordings
New Webinar: Live from PAA 2012 the SolCAP Workshop
New Webinar: Live from ASHS 2012 - Breeding for a Genomics Era
Watch Plant Breeding and Genomics Webinar Recordings!
UC Davis Professional Courses: Seed Business 101- Field Crops & UC Davis Plant Breeding Academy
Tomato Breeders Roundtable (TBRT) - February 6-8 2013 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
New Learning Modules Available
Mapping & QTL Analysis: Curriculum Page & Webinar
NAPB Annual Meeting, August 6-8, 2012 in Indianapolis
Plant Breeding for Drought Tolerance Symposium
Hands On Association Analysis
UPDATED LINK: UC Davis Plant Molecular Breeding Symposium: Modern Tools in Plant Breeding
Plant Breeding and Genomics Online Resource Reaches Milestone
Watch Plant Breeding and Genomics Webinar Recordings!
Webinars from the SolCAP Workshop at the 2011 PAA Meeting Now Available on eXtension
Genomics in Tree Breeding and Forest Ecosystem Management – A Suite of Online Teaching Modules.
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