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Partnering with Plant Breeding & Genomics

Plant Breeding and Genomics (PBG) is a multi-institutional group of researchers and IT professionals supporting science-based outreach efforts at PBG and their partners work together to create, edit, peer review and publish outreach material to eXtension, the on-line publishing arm of Cooperative Extension. PBG offers outreach and education efforts aimed at plant breeders, seed industry professionals, and students. Publishing to eXtension represents a defined objective for inclusion in AFRI competitive grants.

PBG is home to a variety of high quality outreach materials, including: breeding and genomics tutorials and webinars, crop-specific breeding information, and grower-specific information. PBG offers an established network for outreach and education. Since the launch of our webinar series in September 2011, PBG content has been visited 250 thousand times; with 1035 people from 56 countries and hundreds of organizations registered to receive the PBG newsletter.

PBG is committed to free sharing of ideas, techniques, and computational tools for the advancement of science, agriculture, and global food security. We are looking for partners who share our commitment to excellence in science outreach. If you are interested in including PBG in upcoming proposals you will want to get a PBG letter of support. Please contact Shawn Yarnes ( or David Francis ( for further information.


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