Plant Breeding and Genomics Community of Practice Workshop

Plant Breeding and Genomics Workshop: Inquiry-Based Continuing Education

2013 Plant and Animal Genome Meeting, San Deigo, CA

The Plant Breeding and Genomics (PBG) Community of Practice on will highlight the need, both locally and globally, for technical continuing education in the field of genomic assisted crop improvement. The growth of publicly available sequence data for numerous crop species, and increasing power of open access computational tools, has opened up new strategies for crop improvement for all plant breeders. Inquiry-based learning, through self-paced, how-to, educational modules is proving to be a successful way to connect breeding professionals to emerging technologies. This session will provide an introduction to the PBG community, its resources, and strategies to integrate and expand the community.

Date: Monday, January 14, 2013
Time: 5-7 pm
Location: Garden Salon 2 (above Charlies restaurant)


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