Introduction to the rrBLUP Package in R for Genomewide Selection Webinar

Presenter: Amy Jacobson

Part 1 - Downloading the loading the sample files

 Part 2 - Imputing missing markers using A.mat()

 Part 3 - Defining the training and validation populations

 Part 4 - Running mixed.solve() and determining accuracy of predictions

 Full webinar

About the Webinar

This webinar focuses on genomic selection in R using the rrBLUP package. Through this webinar you will learn to generate a training population, impute missing markers, estimate marker effects and determine the correlation accuracy.

Learning Objectives

  1. Download the package and load in the example files
  2. Define training and validation populations
  3. Impute missing markers using the A.mat command
  4. Run mixed.solve and determine accuracy of predictions

Software Downloads

R: free software environment for statistical computing and graphics

rrBLUP package

About the Presenter

Amy Jacobson is a PhD student at the University of Minnesota advised by Dr. Rex Bernardo. Amy received her bachelor’s degree in plant science from Cornell University in 2011. She is currently researching improving accuracy of genomic selection in maize biparental populations.

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